My new book, “Disposable Thoughts: Essays on Reading, Writing, and Relationships,” will be out in a few days!

New book cover

So pumped that, after what felt like 100 proofs, my next book will be available in a couple days on Amazon CreateSpace! And Kindle Fire version a few days after that. Kindle version should be priced less than a caramel macchiatto latte! Fans of writing, literature, and music will hopefully find the stories and essays compelling, like “Stalking Nelle,: about the time I snuck into the nursing home where Harper Lee was living to try to meet her. Or “Hank’s Hat,” about the time I was researching a story on the night Hank Williams died. I discovered that there are many locals in Oak Hill, WV who claim the hat he was wearing the night he died was haunted, and still may be in an attic in WV. Then there are poignant ones like “Clay,” about the strained relationship I had with my clay-mining father who passed away in 2009 and a memory I have of going into the clay mines with him when I was a boy.

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